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* Check uncompressed MIB for correct header too.HEAD0.0.4masterRoman Yeryomin2014-03-121-2/+5
* Add --get option. Output only requested information.0.0.3Roman Yeryomin2014-03-101-165/+183
* Reorganize the code a bit. Add verbose flag to enable runtime debugging inste...Roman Yeryomin2014-03-101-141/+167
* Fix endianess0.0.2Roman Yeryomin2014-03-041-5/+16
* Add support for MIB tablesRoman Yeryomin2014-03-031-43/+314
* Compression appeared to be LZSS.Roman Yeryomin2014-02-261-31/+51
* Initial commitRoman Yeryomin2014-02-251-0/+526